Untamed Vibes 2021

Untamed Vibes 2021

untamedvibenbsp;nbsp;@ivaldrolconsultng; is a mini-fest that will feature ; music, hype, games and chills. the event which is in its second year is aimed at celebrating art especially Fashion and music in a way that’s different and unique.

Untamed is a yearly event organized theIvaldrol Consult Team. It’s not a show, not a concert, not a party.. JUST A FVCKIN’ VIBE!! its first edition in 2020 was successful with over 500+ attendees even with Joeboy’s show being on the same night. It began with games and chill music in the evening then proceeded to hype, music, dance, artiste performances with the crowd going crazy. There was also availability of food and drinks that were sold, it lasted till dawn the next morning and was confirmed SOLD OUT after the show.

This year’s theme is the Fashion and Light edition (Untamed FALedition). It is to hold on the 27th of March,2021. So much planning and preparation is being put into it to make it bigger and better than last year’s edition and it promises to be worth the hype!

The plan is to making it bigger and better each year and getting nationwide attention and participation. We hope to get more sponsorships and recognition as we continue to provide the best of premium entertainment.

Lavi Okoye CEO Ivaldrol Consult

This year which is themed FASHION AND LIGHT is billed to celebrate Fashion in such vibe that everyone can express themselves in their own way without following the normal trend, due to this fact the event is tagged BRING YOUR OWN VIBE.

We expect our entertainers, host and audience to come through with their special attitude and vibe so doing creating something unique and memorable. The event is slated which is set to hold on the 27th of May, 2021 at the Oakland outdoor lounge, Enugu is to be an evening/all night event; games and chills in the evening while music and hype at night. The event will be ticketed to help CONTROL THE CROWD!

The Ivaldrol Team is a team of young talented men and women who are specialized in and also ready to learn more about the art of providing entertainment. it is composed of forward thinking creatives working together to make every event packaged us a success.

Please refer to their official instagram handle @ivaldrolconsultng to see proofs of our known events. We are experts in event/talent management and promotion, content development, bookings and branding.

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